David Ziser's  Sizzilin' Apps

David Ziser is a nationally renowned wedding photographer and lectures to other photographers on international speaking circuits on the art and craft of wedding photography. David is  a master – a master of composition, light, wedding and portrait photography . . . and a master at making people feel comfortable in front of the lens. David has several classes on KelbyOne and is the author of the best selling book, Captured by the Light.

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All of Davids apps available on the iPhone and iPad.

David Ziser's Hot Shots - Composition – Learn how to successfully compose an image via end-result images and illustrations that explain composition techniques. Camera, lens and exposure info is included, too. Category: Photo App/Weddings & Portraits.

David Ziser's Hot Shots Lenses – Lenses help photographers tell a story - their story and the story of the subject. Learn how to use lenses – from wide to telephoto – wisely to capture the all-important, once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride and groom. Category: Photo App/Weddings & Portraits.

David Ziser's Hots Shots Lighting – Lighting creates the mood and feeling in a photograph. Learn from the master, via end-result images and lighting diagrams, how you can create images with impact though the use of lighting. Category: Photo App/Weddings & Portraits.