Craig Ellis, the App Producer at GO Mobile Masters, is the founder of Great Oak Inc., which he started in 2009 with the goal to provide great mobility products and services that customers love.  Leveraging his 15+ years experience experience in innovative mobile solutions in web services and Apple products, Craig has established GO Mobile as one of the premier trusted mobile partners to many great businesses and professional brands such as LexisNexis, Charles Schwab, and Hearst Corporation as well as many world renown professional photographers.

Craig comes from a rich history working for the industry’s best such as American Express managing the US consumer mobile portfolio serving millions of users managing billions in transactions using iPhone, iPad and Apple Pay providing access to premier membership services throughout their commerce journey.

Prior to Amex, Craig was an employee at Apple Cupertino headquarters as a senior mobility strategist and iOS solution architecture assisting Fortune 200 customers create consumer and enterprise solutions utilizing Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV.  Also at Apple,  he was the lead Architect and project lead on several iOS apps used through Apple corporate at all levels of the organization (field sales, HQ teams, product management, and Cupertino senior execs).

Craig’s career history also includes 11 years at Sun Microsystems as one of the early employees at JavaSoft in charge of technical resources for North America.  The results of Craig and his team directly yielded billions of Java deployments across several vertical markets such as mobile, internet of things, consumer electronics, and enterprise solutions.